The Melusine Restaurant

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The “Meluzyna” Restaurant is located at a historic villa of Wilhelm Blumwe, situated at eastern frontage of Gdańska street, number 50, at a crossing with Słowackiego street. The building was erected in years 1900-1904 based on a project by an architect Hildebrandt from Berlin. Wilhelm Blumwe, the hair of a rich Bydgoszcz industrialist Carl Blumwe, was the inwestor. They were the owners of a factory dealing with machines for timber processing.

The residence was owned by Blumwe family to 1923, then it’s owner to 1933 was Leon Figiel. In 1933 te building was calimed by Polish Club. During war a management of German self-defence as well as NSDAP district management were located here.

In 1945 the building was adapted by a broadcasting station of the Polish Rdio which, as a broadcasting station of the Polish Rdio PIK, uses it today.

The villa of Wilhelm Blumwe, in which the “Meluzyna” restaurant is situated, is located within the Bydgoszcz musical district. Here numerous cultural objects and music schools are located : Philharmonic Orchestra of Ignacy Paderewski, The Polish Theatre of Hieronim Konieczka, Music Academy of Feliks Nowowiejski, Music Schools of Arthur Rubinstein.

Among the above schools and cultural institutions there is a gallery of monuments, put in the honour of composers and virtuoso performers of the classical music as well as a few other monuments including the statue of the archer regarded as the symbol Bydgoszcz.

The extension of the Juliusz Słowacki street, at which the entry to our restaurant is located, is the August Cieszkowski street, creating a homogeneous complex of tenements that shows the soul of the so called “Bydgoszcz secession”.

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