Restauracja Meluzyna

History of the Place

1900 - 1904

The villa was designed and built in the blossom of the Art Nouveau and its style refers to the Italian Neo-Renaissance. It was designed by Hildebrandt of Berlin on behalf of Wilhelm Bulmwe, an heir to a wealthy Bydgoszcz entrepreneur. The building, completed in 1904, was perfectly fitted into the terrain, creating a uniform, stylish complex.


1923 - 1933

After the death of the widow of Wilhelm Bulmwe, in 1923, Leon Figiel became the owner of the property. He made minor modernisations in the interior of the villa. He remains the owner until 1933.


1933 - 1945

In 1933, the building was taken over by the Polish Club. The intellectual elite of the city operated within this group. The building was also made available to other organisations in the form of sublease.

From 1939, the headquarters of German self-defence had its headquarters here, and then, from September 1940, the district leadership of NSDAP. This situation continued until 1945.



After World War II, the building was adapted for the needs of the Pomeranian branch of the Polish Radio. This function has been maintained until today - at present it is one of the buildings belonging to the Polish Radio of Pomerania and Kujawy.