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Discover unique flavors

Discover unique flavors

Discover unique flavors

Discover unique flavors

Discover unique flavors



Our restaurant is located in the very centre of Bydgoszcz Art Nouveau, surrounded by history and art. We create a place that complements this climate with exclusive flavours that embrace both tradition and modernity. We care about the atmosphere and satisfaction of our customers. We offer something more than food - a meal in our restaurant is a unique experience full of impressions and a feast for all senses.

Restauracja Meluzyna
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Although the atmosphere in our restaurant is unique and outstanding, the menu is the most important matter for us. We want to treat our guests with full and rich flavours, combining what is well known with a pinch of novelty and uniqueness. For us, food is an art that requires appropriate celebration for one to be able to fully enjoy it.

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& Wine


Wine list

Good wine is a rich and exceptional drink. The unique bouquet, which very often has matured over the years, brings out emotions and penetrates both the body and the soul. We invite you to the ritual of tasting a noble drink in a unique atmosphere.

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Meluzyna recommends ...
Monterio Viura

Spain, Tierra de Castilla white, dry.
Intense, fresh aromas of herbs, apples, peaches and tropical fruits. This is reflected in taste and creates an elegant wine with a beautiful long silky

years of tradition

Object history

The villa was designed and built in the blossom of the Art Nouveau and its style refers to the Italian Neo-Renaissance. It was designed by Hildebrandt of Berlin on behalf of Wilhelm Bulmwe - an heir to a wealthy Bydgoszcz entrepreneur. The building, completed in 1904, was perfectly fitted into the terrain, creating a uniform, stylish complex.

1900 - 1904 Construction of the building on behalf of W. Blumwe
1923 - 1933 Leon Figiel became the new owner
1933 The building was taken over by the Polish Club
1945 The building was adapted for the needs of the Polish Radio