Our dear guest!

Have you been pondering holding a family celebration in a venue other than ours?

If so, how about ordering our catering services-in the Melusine ,a legendary Bydgoszcz restaurant!

We have been famous for our Polish cuisine specialties that have been duly recognized by the most demanding of gourmets. We have been painstakingly keeping to the regional and local tastes by including in our dishes only the natural and very freshest of ingredients. Our chef holds an immense clout in the culinary art. We cater for a ‘company do’ , a ‘family occasion’ as well as high-profile banquets and conferences. We are in a position to provide our catering services to your employees on a daily basis.

Fresh meals served in a restaurant always on time are our real asset against the backdrop of the competition. On top of that, we boast very professional kitchen equipment, long-standing experience, friendly staff and adequate means of delivery.

Establish with us a date, a venue and a scope of our participation ,hours of a commission and a menu. We will draw up a list of dishes which will best suit an ’ocassion’, a venue and a season of the year. Meals can be served hot and cold. For further details please do contact a member of our friendly staff who will be delighted to assist you or call us on 523274205.

Full satisfaction is assured on all our mouth-watering dishes.